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    5 ft. 8 in.
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    Above Average
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    Bachelors Degree
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    No, but eventually


IS THERE ANYONE REAL ON HERE? I am into phone calls only when it comes to introductions ! Not starting off with chatting,emails or texting! If you can't hold a phone conversation."Don't waste your time contacting me!" 100 % Real I am a down to earth person.Goal Oriented. Very Optimistic ,Positive.and a Happy person.Most times, Not into games,drama.Only Mature need reply!No sugar Babies! If you want a Real Man ,then U must act like a Woman .Not a immature Child .Stay in your lane children! IF YOU don't LIVE in the USA don't
waste my time! .Am not the 1! Having a woman,is Not the issue.Finding A Real Woman is. ! I Am single by choice !So don't get it twisted!And not a Sugar Daddy! If U DON'T have income! "Keep it Pushing!"I am not going 2 take care of U financially Nor am i here 2 Rescue U.That's Not what a relationship is about.So if U DON'T have income."Keep it Pushing!"I believe anyone seriously looking 4 their significant other.Should have themselves N order.So if the situation arises their prepared 2 take action.Not start off asking 4 Money.Just because someone shown interest N U.Which seems 2 B the norm on these dating sites!

What I am looking for

A Mature Woman. Independent ,Positive,Goal Oriented,Good N Nature .Knows what she wants out of life.Loving and Caring !Don't say you're looking 4 a Real Man .If you're still immature .Can hold a Real phone Conversation !then we can chat .Is there any Real people on here?